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A place where nature can thrive and the human is a visitor 

Oostenburgereiland, Amsterdam. A place planned for the industries, unplanned nature grew through time and today planned with new apartment blocks. What to do with all the unplanned nature? 


A ‘home for nature’ is a place on Oostenburgereiland for the collection of all the unplanned. All the plants from the Oosterburgereiland are collected in one of the halls of the Van Gendt Hallen. Conditions are designed for the plants to grow and to become a thriving ecosystem. The roof is opened to let in the light and rain, soil is added to create diversity, water is collected and humans are invited as guest.


Being unseen in a place where being seen is important. As human you are invited into the ‘home for nature’ by a one-way route. This route you will walk in silence, on your own to come, to stillness in the busy city and to experience the power of nature. This power is enhanced by the height differences, giving you the feeling the landscape is continuous, and by a water element reflecting the landscape. 

Planned for industry

Unplanned nature through time

Planned future apartments

Emphasize and collect the unplanned

Collecting plants from the Oostenburger Island and emphasize the unplanned 

Being unseen in a place where being seen is important 

 The opening the door experience

Plant as being seen 

Strip the building to create more natural living conditions for the plants 

Plants+good conditions = thriving nature

Continuous landscape. To create the greatness of the sublime and to fool the human 

Inviting human in first part, second part for nature 

One way routing 

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