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Graduation Weekend Academie van Bouwkunst Amsterdam
In collaboration with Lindsey van de Wetering


Limitless flexibility

INTERWOVEN refers to the process of weaving, interweaving or combining different elements. And that is exactly what is shown during the Graduation Weekend at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. An exhibition that shows a wonderful harvest by a new generation of designers — with several graduation projects in which the interweaving of the disciplines of architecture, urbanism, and landscape architecture is embraced.

INTERWOVEN will be like a labyrinth. You will wander through the projects of the graduates of 2021.

A new generation of urbanists, landscape architects and architects is ready to conquer the world. Together with Lindsey van de Wetering we showcased their visions, plans and models in the graduation weekend INTERWOVEN. This new generation of designers will have to face up to current and future challenges. The world is in transition and generates new opportunities that these alumni approach with an optimistic and integrated view. The graduation projects are interdisciplinary interwoven throughout three themes: THINK LOCAL, CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE & METAMORPHOSIS.

3D_01 lokaal.jpg

Think Local

Genius loci is important, a need to operate within the existing context, a sense of place and a sense of connectedness. A balanced approach that appeals to the social context rather than just the spatial context. This layered approach shows that the new generation is able to understand the complex circumstances they are being challenged in facing future challenges. They contribute to a locally important brief and try to learn, transform and innovate. To think local.

Contemporary collective

Social engagement seems more important than ever. Designing for an inclusive world goes beyond designing for only people, it also concerns thinking about how to live together with others and nature. With the community in mind a contemporary collective contributes to sharing the world together. 


The world is in transition; it is time for a revolution. The changing world generates new opportunities that the new generation approaches with an optimistic view. Traditional functions, use of materials and the disciplines itself are being critically rethought of. Introducing new dimensions creates an entirely new and refreshing perspective for the metamorphosis of the future world.

3D_02 lokaal.jpg
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