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How East Boston survives 'Hurricane Hanna'

hurricane HANNA-01.jpg
In 2020 ‘Hurricane Hanna’ races over the most vulnerable neighbourhood of Boston, East Boston. It destroys houses, roads and the metro line but most importantly it will hit the people the most. They lose their homes, jobs, food supplies and isolate the whole community from the rest of the city.

The design is based on the devastated situation after the storm and provides new protection for the inhabitants. They need a safe haven that is connected to the higher areas and stands for strength and safety. Where all the facilities of the neighbourhood, such as supermarket, local shops and the metro line are integrated in a new centre for Maverick square.

The Square

By creating a sloped square that is connected on the north side to the neighbourhood and on the south side 5 meters higher, space is created. In an underground layered approach, the functions such as a supermarket, local shops and community space will be stored. By routing, entrances and sight lines the square becomes a landscape where you walk from inside to outside to the place you want to go.


The Safe haven

The square has two different atmospheres. The space in between the built area is more intimate. Here the slope slowly gets higher and green is used to create a garden like feeling. While the other space of the square is open and feels strong. Here you can overview the damaged landscape with the skyline of Boston in the back and feel the tides of the water trying to enter the neighbourhood.


In the end this design can be implemented now, so that when ‘Hurricane Hanna’ arrives the neighbourhood has a safe haven. This square prevents the neighbourhood from flooding, has room for shelter, is a connection to Boston and the new centre of East Boston.

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